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Vintage Air - Condensers
vintage air condensers
Vintage Air Designed SuperFlow™ Micro Tube Condensers
This SuperFlow condenser design was pioneered by Vintage Air to provide leading-edge technology and superior performance with today’s 134a refrigerants. The importance of this unique new micro tube design and its improved refrigerant flow cannot be overemphasized. By providing increased refrigerant contact with the micro tube walls and multiple passes per circuit for low restriction pathway, SuperFlow condensers provide up to 40% more capacity than comparably sized old-style tube-and-fin condensers.
vintage air superflow condensers
Horizontal SuperFlow Condensers

Perfect for late-model cars with more grill area.
With male O-ring fittings. Top #8, bottom #6.
vintage air superflow condensers
Monster SuperFlow Condenser for Dual Air
or High-Capacity Systems

037030-OVR - Condenser with straight outlets,
16” H x 27” W x 1” D | 29.5” overall length with fittings and brackets
vintage air superflow condensers
vintage air condensers

'32 Ford Vertical SuperFlow Condensers
The only condenser anywhere designed for street rods that will fit the tight spots and still deliver big condenser performance!vintage air superflow condensers

vintage air superflow condensers

vintage air superflow condensers



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